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At Allied Health Admin and Consulting, we understand that running an Allied Health practice involves more than just patient care. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of administrative services tailored to meet the unique needs of Allied Health professionals. Our goal is to free you from the burden of time-consuming administration tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional care to your clients.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Team

With a combined experience of over 60 years in the medical and Allied Health sectors, our virtual team brings a wealth of knowledge to your practice.

Core Values

We operate on principles of loyalty, honesty, respect, professionalism, and commitment, ensuring you receive the dedicated support your practice deserves.

Client Centric Approach

Your success is our success. We’re committed to providing services that are aligned with your practice’s goals and your clients’ needs.

Are you facing these challenges in your allied health practice?

Drowning in Paperwork?

We know how daunting the endless forms, invoices, and reports can be. At Allied Health Admin and Consulting, we tackle these tasks head-on, turning your administrative chaos into organised efficiency.


Your expertise is in patient care, not admin work. Reclaim your valuable time and let us handle the day-to-day admin tasks that have been keeping you from your clients and loved ones.

Confused by NDIS?

Navigating the NDIS can often feel like a labyrinth of complexities. As specialists in this area, we guide you through each step to ensure full compliance and help you make the most of your clients’ existing funding plans for your services.

Worried About Cashflow?

Invoicing and payment tracking are crucial but time-consuming. We manage your invoicing directly from your practice management system, ensuring a steady cash flow.

Concerned About Compliance and Confidentiality?

Your clients’ privacy is our utmost priority. We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols, ensuring all data is securely managed.

Struggling with Technology?

Our team is proficient in most Allied Health Practice Management Systems, including Cliniko, Halaxy, iinsight, Power Diary, and Splose, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow.

Finding it Hard to Scale?

Expanding your practice is an exciting milestone, yet it brings its own complexities. We assist in this growth by preparing onboarding materials for new clinicians and coordinating with third parties. While we don’t generate new templates or proformas, we efficiently utilise your existing ones to prepare essential documents, facilitating a smooth scaling process for your practice.

Unlock Your Practice’s Full Potential: Let Us Handle the Administration, You Focus on Care.

Our Team Specialises In:


In the constantly evolving landscape of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, our NDIS specialists stay ahead of the curve, ensuring you’re always equipped to capitalise on the latest updates and opportunities for growth within the NDIS framework.


Radiology, General Practice, and More

Our team members have backgrounds in various medical sectors, including Radiology and General Practice, providing a well-rounded approach to your Administration needs.


Medicare and Veterans Affairs

From ensuring prompt Medicare payments to liaising with the Department of Veterans Affairs, we’ve got you covered.

About Our Company

Welcome to Allied Health Admin and Consulting, your go-to solution for all your administrative challenges in the Allied Health sector. With a virtual team boasting over 60 years of combined experience, we’re your trusted ally in navigating the intricacies of everything administration.

Founded by Jenny Pither, a seasoned consultant with more than two decades in the medical and Allied Health industry, our services are customised to meet the distinct needs of dynamic professionals like yourself.

We get it—you didn’t invest years mastering your craft to be weighed down by paperwork and administrative duties. That’s where we come in, managing the business side so you can concentrate on delivering exceptional care to your clients.

Our team is committed to core values of loyalty, honesty, respect, professionalism, and commitment, ensuring your practice benefits from the dedicated support it truly deserves. We’re not just a service; consider us an extension of your team. We may work remotely, but we’re fully aligned with your objectives.

So, let us handle the administration, freeing you to focus on your clients.

Explore our array of specialised services today and discover how we can make your professional life both manageable and fulfilling.

It has just been so stress-free knowing my billing is taken care of and that the inbox is managed efficiently. I felt like a scattered octopus before, trying to manage every task across every department and 8 arms wasn’t enough! Now I feel (mostly) like the grounded CEO-clinician I was supposed to be.

Charlotte Barfoot

Mermaid Speech Pathology

Very happy with the administrative support that AHAC provide to us here at Uplift Exercise Physiology – it saves us time and allows us to focus on delivering quality care to our clients. It is also nice to have the flexibility to increase/decrease services as required during busy/quiet periods and periods of annual leave – thanks AHAC

Jason Korotkich

Uplift Exercise Physiology

I just wanted to email you both before the week is out to THANK YOU both for all your hard work and organisation this past week. I feel like things have been so smooth and things are being actioned carefully and in a really timely manner. Thank you for all you do and for making my life so smooth at work this week.

Anna Blee

Nurture Nest Speech Pathology