First class allied health admin support services


We’re NDIS specialists who tackle all your allied health admin needs

If you’re running a private allied health practice, or you’re working for yourself consulting remotely, you’re no stranger to the amount of admin that comes along with it. 

From initial contact with clients, completing forms, consulting, invoicing, NDIS, referrals, letters and so on, the paperwork can seem endless (and that’s just for one client!). Add a fully booked day of client consults, and you’ll be spending your evening running the business side.

But many allied health practitioners do as they don’t have the ‘office space’ for an assistant.

Then they find us and our team of virtual allied health admin specialists and their lives change!

  • Bookings are made into calendars
  • Days are planned
  • Clients forms are completed
  • Clients are invoiced and followed up
  • NDIS Admin gets completed
  • Referral letters are typed and sent
  • Emails are answered
  • Everything gets done

And yes, this can all be done remotely. And yes, you’ll still maintain the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality. Our reputation also depends on it, so think of us as your silent trusted partner in business.

How can our team help you with your allied health admin?

Specialised Services

Day-to-day administration support, tackling all the business bits you don’t need to be involved in so you can focus on your clients.

  • Diary & calendar management, booking client appointments, scheduling your day, and getting you where you need to be on time
  • Invoicing directly from your practice management system and chasing up any outstanding debts to keep your money flowing in
  • Preparing onboarding documents for new clinicians as your practice grows
  • Liaising with support coordinators or 3rd parties on your behalf
  • Proofing of reports, standard letters and correspondence to clients, other practitioners and related professional bodies

And so much more – ask us if you have any other tasks you’d like tackled

Online Experts

Working remotely, our team are highly competent in using online software and platforms to increase efficiency and run your business. Our team is highly specialised in the allied health industry:

  • As NDIS and PRODA specialists, we can create booking requests for your clients, and enter service bookings onto your practices NDIS and PRODA platforms
  • Trained in most allied health Practice Management Systems including Cliniko, Halaxy, iinsight, Power Diary, Splose and Case Manager
  • We are also highly proficient in Google Workspace

Allied Health Pros 

With over 30 years of combined experience, our team have extensive expertise in a range of allied health sectors and related departments.

  • Highly experienced in the allied health industry, working with radiology, general practice, paediatric occupational therapy, paediatrics, government bodies, schools and health departments
  • Trained in Medicare so we can make sure you receive your payments promptly
  • NDIS specialists, helping your clients apply, so it’s one less thing for them to worry about
  • Dealing with Family and Social Services departments on your, or your client’s behalf

Our allied health admin packages are tailored to suit your business. Book your discovery call to find out more.

Why allied health professionals trust our team


We know that outsourcing allied health admin isn’t something you’d take lightly. You want to make sure that you’ve found a highly experienced and professional team who you can trust. You deal with a lot of sensitive information, and you need to make sure that’s kept confidential at all times.

As a virtual team who only focus on the allied health industry, we have taken the time to be trained (and once worked) in your space. We understand the complexities of running your practice and have measures in place to always maintain confidentiality.

Our business relies on happy allied health clients, so we’re not going to jeopardise that! And we’re business owners too, so we know a thing or two about what it takes to run a business.

Allied Health Admin Services were a finalists in the AusMumpreneur 2021 awards for Virtual Assistant and Remote and Rurual business awards as well as 2022 VA Business Award. Jen Pither was also the winner of the 2022 Outstanding Business Leader in the Mid Coast Business Chamber awards. 

To hear more about how our services work, take a few moments to listen to Jen on Cathy Love’s Podcast, Private Practice Made Perfect.

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